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Qualitative estimation of pesticides in biological matrices using thin layer chromatography method of analysis

Pesticides are very frequently used to keep away any kind of pests, but as we all know everything has its pros and cons, so are the pesticides. Though the main purpose of developing chemical pesticides was to strengthen the agriculture field to full-fill the need of ever increasing population but their uncurbed use leads to serious issues like health issues and their easy availability made it very popular in suicide and homicide poisoning.

The qualitative estimation of pesticides in different biological matrices (viscera, blood, vomit) was done by thin layer chromatography technique. TLC is one of the oldest and cheapest method of quantitative estimation of any kind of drugs or poisons. TLC is also found to be very sensitive and reliable method for pesticides detection. This study aims to detect the presence of pesticides in biological matrices and to find out the most suitable one. The sample was taken from the case samples send to laboratory for the examination of suspected poisoning. Pesticides used as control were Malathion, Dicholorovos, Baygon, and Lindane. Solvent extraction method was used for the extraction of pesticides form different biological matrices.


Manoj K. Verma

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