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forensic Investigation

Former Chief Criminal Investigator: Washington State Attorney General’s Homicide Investigation Tracking System (HITS), which supports Homicide investigations in Washington, Oregon, and Montana, where we track every homicide in our database, trying to link similar murders against jurisdictional lines. We have a separate database for violent sexual assaults and still another for various non-homicidal violent crimes. HITS assists agencies, particularly smaller agencies, with current and cold-case homicides and review equivocal deaths at those agencies’ request. I supervise all investigators and analysts assigned to HITS statewide. In that capacity, I investigated and/or assisted with investigating hundreds of homicides, equivocal deaths, and officer-involved shootings, including serial murders, mass murders, and acts of domestic terrorism resulting in death. Founding board member of the Washington Homicide Investigators Association. Director of Investigations Consulting for the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC), a national group that assists agencies nationally and internationally in investigating cold-case homicide. This group contains experts at various aspects of homicide investigation, such as Investigative, Laboratory, Behavioral, etc., who consult on those cases and is recognized nationally as a premier investigative group. Director of Investigations for the Midwest Cold Case Task Force, which assists with cold case murder investigations in the Midwest United States. Former contributor to Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, aired on the Fox Nation streaming service and Sirius XM Radio. Instructor of various aspects of homicide and death investigations, including Interview and Interrogation for new detectives and in-service trainer for experienced detectives. Investigation of Child Death for police and social/medical personnel.


Cloyd A. Steiger

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